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9 Eight Ball Coach Assessment

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9 Eight Ball Coach Assessment

9 Eight Ball Coach Assessment.

4.3.1 Timing of Coaching Practice
To achieve a Level I qualification 20 hours of practical coaching is required to be completed during and/or immediately after the training program. Candidates are required to submit their Practical Coaching Activity Sheet (See Appendix 4.3) to the National Coaching Committee within six (6) months of completing the course.

4.3.2 Supervision or Mentoring of the Coaching Practice An accredited Level I Eight Ball coach is required to supervise a minimum of 10 hours of practical coaching experience. The remaining 10 hours may be undertaken unsupervised. It is the intent that the coaching practice is spent involved in the training process of athletes, as opposed to general members of the public. The athletes can be any age, sex, sport and level of competition. Involvement in the training process is described as any or all of the following: observation, supervision, program design, and assessment.

4.3.3 Supervisor/Mentor Credit Supervising coaches will receive updating credit for the number of hours spent on supervising the Level I Coach.

More details are available here Accreditation and the AEBF is the National Sporting Organisation for EightBall Development.

9 Eight Ball Coach Assessment