Neil Turley – Typhoon 8 Ball Coaching

neil turley typhoon cues

Neil Turley  Typhoon Cues

Working with your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. I am a firm believer that the better you can do something, the more enjoyable it becomes. Teaching everything from the basics through to advanced shots is all part of any cue sport discipline, but I work with you in your comfort zone using your best natural abilities to find your best mindset. I’m far from the greatest player around myself, but I understand the game and having a background in teaching various other life skills I can help find the best in you.

One on one coaching can be arranged by appointment in either our shop after hours or on your table at home. Groups or teams can also be catered for as required. We also stock and have access to a number of coaching aids from instructional DVDs to training balls, cues etc.

Neil Turley – Typhoon Cues
Neil Turley – Typhoon Cues


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