Snooker – Basic Skills Video

The Basic of Snooker by Terry Griffith This is possibly one of the better coaching videos I’ve seen on snooker. It adopts a more modern approach to the art of coaching. Excellent coverage on essentials such as the Stance, Grip, Cue Action, etc. It further analyzes the Grip in detail, showing exactly what the fingers …
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Eight Ball Coaching Skill Sets

Eight Ball Coaching Skill Sets are designed to be printed on the front and back on A4 paper (thick paper or card is preferred). Each wskill set will have on the front a diagram or images of the required task with a brief outline. The back will have a summary of the general coaching technique …
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St John First Aid Fact Sheets

The National Coaching Accrediation Scheme requires coaches to have some knowledge of first aid. We recommend you visit the St John Ambulance Australia website. First Aid Information can to viewed on the First Aid Fact Sheets. disclaimer  St John First Aid Protocols are for the Australian market only. All care has been taken in preparing …
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AEBF History of Eight Ball in Australia

CLICK ON THE IMAGE The sport of Eight Ball (or pool, as it’s commonly called) developed in Australia, from very humble beginnings. Whilst various forms of Pool had been played for a number of years, the catalyst for Eight Ball (pool) in Australia, was the introduction in approximately 1965, into Hotels and Clubs throughout the …
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AEBF – Eight Ball Coach Certificate

Eight Ball Coach Certificate Accreditation Maintenance All coach certificate or accreditation is valid for four years, at which time coaches must demonstrate they have been actively coaching over the four years of their accreditation to have their accreditation renewed. Re-accreditation Policy This policy document outlines requirements for the re-accreditation of coaches. When submitting their application …
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AEBF – Level I Coach RPL/RCC Application Form

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)process includes a range of assessment techniques including equivalencies, challenge tests and assessment of a portfolio of evidence. RPL/RCC should give equal value to learning and skills whether these come from formal training, informal training, experience and competencies gained on the job, or other …
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AEBF National Coaching Committee

The Australian Eight Ball Federation has created a National Coaching Committee which currently consists of eight (8) State/Territory Coaching Directors and the National Coaching Director to administer the scheme on advice from the State Coaching Committees and the Australian Eight Ball Federation Executive Committee. The objectives of the National Coaching Committee are to further the …
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8 Ball Coach Accreditation Code of Conduct

OVERVIEW: Please complete and return the attached documentation for 8 Ball Coach Accreditation Code of Conduct. REQUIREMENT: Agree to and sign the Code of Conduct. Encourage and support opportunities for people to learn appropriate behaviours and skills. DOCUMENT: Australian Eight Ball Federation (AEBF) – Coach’s Code of Conduct, Individual Agreement Form

8 Ball Coach Accreditation Course Fee

OVERVIEW:  Once all the requirements are processed you will be invoiced.. REQUIREMENT: All candidates must pay the specified Training Program fees which generally range between $110 – $220. Depending on the “flexible learning approach” taken. Tax Invoice will be emailed. DOCUMENT: Australian Eight Ball Federation (AEBF) –  Draft Tax Invoice CLICK ON THE IMAGE!