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Australian Eight Ball Federation

4. Coach Communication & Group Management

Learning Outcomes (Coaches will be able to):

  • 1. Identify effective group management strategies to be used by the level I coach during practice
  • 2. Identify effective reserve management strategies to be used by level I coaches
  • 3. Demonstrate effective group management techniques in a practical Eight Ball Coaching setting

8. The Eight Ball Coach in Action

Learning Outcomes (Coaches will be able to):

  • 1. Describe and teach the key elements cueing correctly
    • • Objects of the game
    • • Stance
    • • Bridge
    • • Sighting
    • • Aiming
    • • The Grip
    • • The Cue Arm
    • • The Stroke
    • • Spins
    • • Style
  • 2. Relate Eight Ball Cueing skills to checking skills
  • 3. Describe and teach the key elements of checking skills
  • 4. Conduct a full coaching session designed to develop basic Eight Ball skills and tactics (the session is to incorporate games-based activities designed to improve specific Eight  Bcall skills and tactics)
  • 5. Review the effectivenes

9. Eight Ball Coach Assessment

4.3.1 Timing of Coaching Practice
To achieve a Level I qualification 20 hours of practical coaching is required to be completed during and/or immediately after the training program. Candidates are required to submit their Practical Coaching Activity Sheet (See Appendix 4.3) to the National Coaching Committee within six (6) months of completing the course.

4.3.2 Supervision or Mentoring of the Coaching Practice An accredited Level I Eight Ball coach is required to supervise a minimum of 10 hours of practical coaching experience. The remaining 10 hours may be undertaken unsupervised. It is the intent that the coaching practice is spent involved in the training process of athletes, as opposed to general members of the public. The athletes can be any age, sex, sport and level of competition. Involvement in the training process is described as any or all of the following: observation, supervision, program design, and assessment.

4.3.3 Supervisor/Mentor Credit Supervising coaches will receive updating credit for the number of hours spent on supervising the Level I Coach.

barry shark

Barry Stark Snooker Coach

Barry Stark ‘World Snooker’ senior coach

“I am one of world snooker’s senior coaches to amateur and professional players with a wealth of experience gained over many years.

Whether a young novice player just starting out, an experienced club player or professional, my aim is to improve your technique and enjoyment of this wonderful game.”

From Nottingham in the United Kingdom, Barry Stark is a highly regarded ‘World Snooker’ senior coach. He has a professional teaching background and has a wealth of experience teaching snooker all over the world including the far east. Barry has done a lot of work at the Sheffield Snooker Academy working with both amateur and professional players.

Now unable to commit to private snooker coaching, Barry has decided he wants to put something back into the game and share some of his vast experience and knowledge of snooker.

By creating a YouTube channel of short video tutorials, Barry Stark aims to help players improve their ability, technique, and most of all, their enjoyment of the game.

Channel content will continue to be added on a regular basis. Many aspects of the game will be touched upon including mental strength and physiology.

Please subscribe to the channel so that you will be kept informed when new videos are added and if you wish to pledge a donation to help support our ongoing production costs please click the Patreon link below.


Prerequisite for Junior Eight Ball Coaching

police checkThe majority of states/territories in Australia have now introduced mandatory legislation requiring eight ball coaches to undergo a screening process in order to work with children under 18 year of age.   The AEBF is committed to helping coaches to adhere to the requirements, and will make the screening process an essential pre-requisite for an Eight Ball Coach coaching juniors.  As such, a focused effort has been made to contact all state/territory eight ball coaches with the aim of helping them to meet relevant screening requirements.

Unfortunately there is not a national screening system.  Each state/territory has its own legislation.  Please refer to the information below for details.  NB. All information was gathered from the respective state/territory working with children check website or equivalent and was correct at time of printing.  Please note this information is subject to changes and it is the responsibility of the eight ball coach to ensure that they comply with state legislation.

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