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Scott Matthews – The Routine Instructor

scott matthews the routine instructor

Scott Matthews – The Routine Instructor

The Routine Instructor certified snooker and 8ball coaching.

Online coaching to anywhere in the world.
Also face to face coaching, either one on one or group coaching in Australia.
Cuesports coaching.

I have helped many top players before, even the likes of Australia’s best-produced players Neil Robertson, Quinten Hann, Aaron Mahoney, Daniell Haenga, Tyson Crinis ect.

So if you are looking to improve your game, I am a certified coach and I can help you improve your game.

Great opportunity to learn the correct fundamentals along with putting it all into a routine you understand.

I myself have made many centuries at snooker including a 147 break. I have also made 4 centuries and a 98 in a row and many triple centuries and numerous back to back century breaks. I have represented Australia. I have also made state teams and the Australian team at 8ball. I have won major 8ball tournaments to. Anzac open, Dandenong open, Breakers open, Queens Birthday open, Lillydale open, Turks bar open etc. I have 30+yrs experience at snooker and 20+yrs experience at 8ball.

For coaching, inquiries message me through my page.


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Scott Matthews - The Routine Instructor

Scott Matthews – The Routine Instructor