Snooker – Basic Skills Video

snooker basic skills
Snooker Basic Skills Video
Snooker Basic Skills Video

Snooker – Basic Skills

This is possibly one of the better coaching videos I’ve seen on snooker. It adopts a more modern approach to the art of coaching.
Excellent coverage on essentials such as the Stance, Grip, Cue Action, etc. It further analyzes the Grip in detail, showing exactly what the fingers do in relation to the cue action, i.e. relax, tighten, etc.

There is also detailed analysis on the Cue Action which includes important information on varying the backswing and follow-through, depending on the type of stroke one is playing. It also shows the player how to ensure the grip and bridge is always in the right position for the type of stroke they are going to play.

The Basic of Snooker by Terry Griffith.
WPBSA official Snooker Coaching Video (World Professional Billiard Snooker Association)
Very good Video to learn snooker. May tips have changed throughout the years but this serves as the basic for everyone to learn snooker.