8 Ball Coach Accreditation Coaching Framework

Outline of the Coaching Accreditation Pathway The National Coaching Committee which consists of eight State & Territory Coaching Directors and the National Director are to administer the National Coaching Framework to deliver an blended approach both online and face to face. The Eight Ball coaching courses provide participants with quality training, skill set development and …
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How to become an accredited Eight Ball Coach

There are 6 basic steps at attain your 8 Ball Coaching Accreditation. 1: AEBF – AEBF Member over 18 years of age be a registered member of an affiliated State or Territory 2: AEBF – Coach’s Code of Conduct agree to and sign the Code of Conduct 3: ASC   – Level I Beginning Coaching Principles …
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8 Ball Coach Accreditation Course Fee

OVERVIEW:  Once all the requirements are processed you will be invoiced.. REQUIREMENT: All candidates must pay the specified Training Program fees which generally range between $110 – $220. Depending on the “flexible learning approach” taken. Tax Invoice will be emailed. DOCUMENT: Australian Eight Ball Federation (AEBF) –  Draft Tax Invoice CLICK ON THE IMAGE!

8 Ball Coach Accreditation Coaching Principles

About the Community Coaching General Principles course (online) The course is aimed at first time and beginner coaches (eg. parents). The course contains four modules and will take approximately four hours to complete. There is assessment included within each module of the course. CLICK ON THE IMAGE or LINK!  https://learning.ausport.gov.au/auth/login/ What you need to know …
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8 Ball Coach Accreditation Membership

OVERVIEW: Please complete and return the attached documentation. REQUIREMENT: Financial member of an Eight Ball association affiliated through their State/Territory Association with the Australian Eight Ball Federation Inc. DOCUMENT: Australian Eight Ball Federation (AEBF) –  Coach Accreditation Regristration Form CLICK ON THE IMAGE!

National Coaching Accreditation Framework

The National Coaching Accreditation Framework (NCAF) is a progressive coach education program. The AEBF have progressively worked on a Eight Ball National Coaching Accreditation Scheme since 2001. Through the efforts of Sue Brooke’s, Peter Wallace, Greg Dingle and numerous other coaching coordinators the AEBF have submitted the AEBF NCAS to the ASC for their approval. …
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Coach & Participant Development Pathway

Outline of the AEBF Coach / Participant Development Pathway Coach   Participant Level I (Club Coach) Working at club level to develop the players knowledge and skills and introduce them to competition       Participation Level Club players looking to develop skills and knowledge and enjoy competition activities.   Level II (State Coach) Working …
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Prerequisite for Junior Eight Ball Coaching

The majority of states/territories in Australia have now introduced mandatory legislation requiring eight ball coaches to undergo a screening process in order to work with children under 18 year of age.   The AEBF is committed to helping coaches to adhere to the requirements, and will make the screening process an essential pre-requisite for a …
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