The Australian Eight Ball Federation has created a National Coaching Committee which currently consists of eight (8) State/Territory Coaching Directors and the National Coaching Director to administer the scheme on advice from the State Coaching Committees and the Australian Eight Ball Federation Executive Committee.

The objectives of the National Coaching Committee are to further the interests of Eight Ball and all their forms by:-

•    Making it easier for the beginner or novice to come into, and remain in the sport.
•    Helping any Eight Ball player to improve his or her proficiency and in doing so, improve his or her enjoyment of the sport.
•    Taking part in the training of teams and individuals to improve participation in National and International competition.

Under the Scheme. Any pupil who is able to play all the necessary shots with confidence and accuracy will be assured of reaching a good standard of play. How good, will depend on the individual’s character, ball sense, intelligence and most of all, determination to succeed.

The coach should at all times strive to achieve perfection in his or her art, by adapting the natural talent of the individual, to achieve perfection in the art of playing Eight Ball.

The Australian Eight Ball Federation believes that coaching is the essential ingredient towards providing the guidance necessary to build the sound technique and strong character required by a player to win a National and World championship and become an Australian Sporting Ambassador of whom we can all be proud.

Accordingly the Australian Eight Ball Federation’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme provides co-ordinated training courses for coaches at three levels:-

•    LEVEL 1    Club Level
•    LEVEL 2    State Level
•    LEVEL 2    National Level

The Scheme is designed to serve those who accept the challenge of effective instruction and to assist in the improvement in standardization of the art of coaching Eight Ball in Australia.

National Coaching Director