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Level 1 – Eight Ball Coaching Course




Level 1 – Eight Ball Coaching Course

The Level I Coaching Course Training Program is the first coaching level within the (AEBF) Coach Development Pathway, and is intended to provide relevant coaching skills and accreditation for club level Eight Ball Coaches.

Flexible course delivery: this program recognizes that coaches can be assessed in a number of ways which will enable people in remote areas or those with time constraints to have access to accreditation. (on-site or online)

  1. Eight Ball Coaching Course
  2. Eight Ball Coaching Manual
  3. Eight Ball Coaching Resources
  4. Eight Ball Coaching Accreditation

Outline of the Coaching Accreditation Pathway

The National Coaching Committee which consists of eight State & Territory Coaching Directors and the National Director is to administer the National Coaching Framework to deliver a blended approach both online and face to face.

The Eight Ball coaching courses provide participants with quality training, skill set development, and mentoring resources that will assist them to effectively fulfill the role of a Club, State, or National Eight Ball Coach. Achieve is to Believe!.

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What is the AEBF eLearning portal? Just click here to go right to our eLearning website: https://aebf.asn.au. It will also help other coaches like you who aren’t sure which training methods they can trust with their 8 ball coaching needs. Thanks again for visiting our coaching website https://8ballcoach.com.au.