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Shannon Purcell

Shannon Purcell is an accredited coach with the Australian Eight Ball Federation.

Shannon regularly tours Queensland And the Northern Territory with Eight Ball Coaching.




Shannon Purcell is an accredited coach with the Australian Eight Ball Federation.

Shannon Purcell “Personally I have been involved in juniors both as a player and coach. I was the inaugural Queensland junior champion in 1991, a title I held two more times and got to travel to places such as Melbourne and Adelaide to represent. In reality my situation would never have allowed me to go on these trips if it was not for then Queensland President Stan Schrieber and his committee covering all the costs. Something I will never forget.

My coaching started with juniors in 2008 at Geebung RSL which even though has folded due to combining and moving to Norths Cuesports, produced some great talent for the future including the face of our juniors Kyle Thompson who went on to win the 2013 Australian U12s title. Im sure the first of many”

The improving standard of pool in Qld over the past 15 years is nothing short of impressive.

Results at events such as City vs Country and the Qld Cup are becoming highly unpredictable, with smaller associations that struggled in years gone by, now taking out major titles. A great example of this is the Sunshine Coast Smashers who dominate South Qld 8ball with a membership of less than 100.

This is great for the game. We believe with the introduction of some professional coaching, and the injection of valuable knowledge, the potential for the level of pool in Queensland is unlimited.

We have come up with some package value deals for Associations and their members. These are full day clinics for 12 to 24 participants at your home Association venue. We currently have 3 levels available for adult players, 3 levels for Juniors, and Umpires certification courses.

Here is an overview :

The program developed is not a show, there are no trick shots involved.

It all revolves around one thing- “achieving consistency in your game“.

Consistency is the one thing nearly every player struggles with, and this is generally due to a technical flaw.

This program goes into fine detail on the aspects required to build a solid foundation, then adds level by level, in the right order to develop a solid structure.

Not only does it tell you what to do, but why it has to be done that way, and what will go wrong if it isn’t.

We believe going into detail and giving more information leads to the possibility of self-analysis, giving the students a much higher chance of success and reaching their full potential.


We believe this course can be of benefit to any level of player from beginners to state players.

For the beginner it will give them all the correct information from the start allowing them to create good habits straight away.

For the more advanced players it will give them a few things that may need to change before they can further improve.

This may allow them to improve that extra few percent which can be extremely hard to achieve once you reach a certain skill level.

The program starts by covering certain aspects of the game that have nothing to do with potting a ball, but more so mental attitude towards certain aspects and challenges. It then strips back the cue action, rebuilding it from the ground up, covering all the vital steps involved in building a solid cue action. Then cross checking all this with what the student is doing currently and making any adjustments necessary.

Next it introduces a step by step routine that can be used for every shot. Consistency is achieved through repetition and routine and this is an important step in the pool players development.

The clinic runs for approximately 3 and a ½ hrs.

Students will receive the clinic, and access to Members Resources. Maximum of 6 people per group. We believe the potential of our program is priceless and look forward to a future partnership with you and your association.

For details on our other levels, courses and availability please contact us. We have held coaching clinics all over Australia and always get invited back and rebooked. Our students have a great time all the while learning invaluable information and we love coming back year after year and seeing the vast improvements in their game.

Shannon Purcell