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Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

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Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

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Control Cue ball control is all about influencing the path of the cue ball, generally speaking, after the point of contact with the object ball. There are three main groups of factors to think about:

(a) Follow-through, stun and screw—by striking the cue ball on the top, middle or bottom;

(b) Side—generally used to influence the angle of travel from a cushion but the effect on the baize also needs to be considered;

(c) Strength of shot—by striking the cue ball harder or softer depends on how far the cue ball needs to travel.

It’s best to learn the basics of these factors in simple practice routines before introducing them into your game. One tip I’ve always found to work quite well is encouraging the right stroke is to envisage the cue ball as being like a hardboiled egg!! The stroke should break the shell on the near side and go through the shell on the other side. This sets the right visualisation to ensure you follow through with your cue action, regardless of the effect you are putting on the cue ball. It sounds wacky, but gives it a try. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

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Side is perhaps best attempted at first with no other balls on the table. Place the white on the baulk line centre spot and play it down over the spots. Vary the amount of side and aim to get the cue ball into each of the baulk pockets–and even the middle pockets if you are looking for a stretching challenge. The practice routine called “Getting Away from a Ball Over a Pocket” is a good one to introduce side into because the pot is less likely to be affected and the side can really help to control the cue ball into position. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

Strength of shot is also best practiced with just the white, at first. Start with the cue ball on the baulk line centre spot and play it up the table to touch the top cushion; and then aim to play it to the top cushion and back to land touching the baulk cushion. You can then introduce a pot to the challenge. A good one would to be a cut into the middle pocket with the cue ball in the “D”. Aim for a position on the black after bouncing on the top cushion or, played stronger, back for the blue. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

Hope this tutorial will help you to start playing eight ball..

Cue Ball Control

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If you want to take your game of eight ball to the next level, mastering cue ball control is an essential skill that you must develop. Cue ball control refers to the ability to precisely control the path and speed of the cue ball after making contact with the object ball. By improving your cue ball control, you can enhance your shot-making abilities, increase your chances of pocketing balls, and gain an upper hand over your opponents. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

To start improving your cue ball control, focus on the following key areas:

1. Stroke Technique: A smooth and consistent stroke is the foundation of good cue ball control. Practice maintaining a straight and level stroke, avoiding any unnecessary movements or jerks. A controlled stroke will help you strike the cue ball precisely and achieve the desired outcome. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

2. Position Play: Understanding the concept of position play is crucial for effective cue ball control. Instead of focusing solely on pocketing a ball, consider where you want the cue ball to end up for your next shot. Plan your shots in a way that allows you to easily navigate around the table, ensuring the cue ball is in an advantageous position for subsequent shots. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

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3. English and Spin: Mastering the use of English (sidespin) and spin on the cue ball can significantly enhance your cue ball control. By applying sidespin, you can manipulate the path of the cue ball after contact, allowing you to break clusters, avoid obstacles, or achieve better position for your next shot. Practice various types of spins and experiment with different angles to understand how they affect the cue ball’s trajectory. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

4. Speed Control: The speed at which you strike the cue ball plays a crucial role in cue ball control. Practice controlling the speed of your shots to ensure the cue ball travels the desired distance and stops at the intended position. Precision in speed control will help you position the cue ball accurately for your next shot, minimizing the need for difficult or risky shots.

5. Shot Selection: Choose your shots wisely to improve your cue ball control. Evaluate the layout of the balls on the table and consider the potential outcomes of each shot. Opt for shots that allow you to maintain control over the cue ball and set yourself up for future shots. Avoid unnecessary risks that may result in losing control or leaving difficult shots for yourself.

Remember, improving cue ball control is a gradual process that requires patience, practice, and thoughtful analysis of your shots. Dedicate time to practice these techniques regularly and challenge yourself with different scenarios and shot selections. With determination and consistent effort, you will develop the skills needed to play eight ball with superior cue ball control, giving you a competitive edge on the pool table. Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control

More details are available here Accreditation and the AEBF is the National Sporting Organisation for EightBall Development.

Learn to Play Eight Ball – Better Cue Ball Control