Ncas Level 1 SummaryThe National Coaching Trianing Program (NCTP) is a progressive coach education program.

The AEBF have progressivily worked on a Eight Ball National Coaching Accreditation Scheme since 2001. Through the efforts of Sue Brooke's, Peter Wallace, Greg Dingle and numerous other coaching coordinators the AEBF have submitted the AEBF NCAS to the ASC for their approval.

The NCTP offers education and a nationally recognised qualification to people coaching at all levels.

The NCTP works to:

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Outline of the AEBF Coach / Participant Development Pathway




Level I (Club Coach)

Working at club level to develop the players knowledge and skills and introduce them to competition




Participation Level

Club players looking to develop skills and knowledge and enjoy competition activities.


Level II (State Coach)

Working at regional and state level to raise the standard of players.




Development Level

Players who have developed sound skills and abilities and who aspire to higher levels of performance in competition.


Level III (National Coach)

Coaches aspiring to national and international level coaching positions and working with high performance players.




Performance Level

Players achieving high levels of competitive success and are aspiring to achieve their potential at national and international level

Also see Appendix 1.2 (AEBF Coaching Structure)


Police CheckThe majority of states/territories in Australia have now introduced mandatory legislation requiring eight ball coaches to undergo a screening process in order to work with children under 18 year of age.   The AEBF is committed to helping coaches to adhere to the requirements, and will make the screening process an essential pre-requisite for a Coach coaching juniors.  As such, a focused effort has been made to contact all state/territory eight ball coaches with the aim of helping them to meet relevant screening requirements.

Unfortunately there is not a national screening system.  Each state/territory has its own legislation.  Please refer to the information below for details.  NB. All information was gathered from the respective state/territory working with children check website or equivalent and was correct at time of printing.  Please note this information is subject to changes and it is the responsibility of the eight ball coach to ensure that they comply with state legislation.

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